I Diavoli, Sangiovese Superiore DOC

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Since 1959, Le Rocche Malatestiane have produced wines crafted from the hard work of 500 farms that cultivate 800 hectares of vineyard throughout the Province of Rimini.

Rimini area is the most eastern of Romagna D.O.C. land and the most influenced by the Adriatic Sea. Hot and dry summers are mitigated by the presence of sea breezes. The viticulture is concentrated between 50 and 300-350 MT a.s.l. Here clay soils are very common and brown and grey clays are the most representative in this area contributing towards potent and fruity wines with low acidity. The higher lands presents chalk inclusions which contribute to fruity flavor with well-rounded tannins and dark red color tending toward purple.

Technical details:

This wine is Sangiovese 100% produced by vineyards between San Clemente and Gemmano, two small cities in the Rimini countryside.

I Diavoli like Sangiovese from this zone, has power and elegance, a fruity flavor with well rounded tannins and dark red color tending toward purple

Aging : six months in concrete tank and one in stainless steel tank

Interesting Fact:

The production area of I DIAVOLI is close to the Natural Reserve of Onferno, once known as“ Inferno”( hell). It was given this name by the ancient inhabitants as vapor was commonly seen rising from the crevasses and bats (devils) made the underlying karst caves their home.


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