Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O. 12 years

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The vinegary of “La Cà dal Nôn” has been producing Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena for five generations. The great grand father Alfonso started this tradition in their house, and since then their attics have always been full of barrels for the production of this unparalleled elixir. In Modena’s dialect“La Cà dal Nôn” means “the house of the grandfather”, and it is still in his ancient house  in  Vignola, that they have their establishment. The vineyards of “La Cà dal Nôn” are located on the rolling hills of the small village of Savignano sul Panaro. Trebbiano, Lambrusco, Pignoletto and other local grape varieties are grown following the organic protocol, selecting only the best grapes to produce their cooked grape must.


Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a very special vinegar. Not produced from wine, as most vinegars, but from cooked grape juice (cooked must), aged by a long and slow acetification process, through natural fermentation. Its progressive concentration is reached by aging in a series of barrels made of different types of woods and without any addition of spices or flavorings. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is one of the most ancient product of the Modena region and for sure unique in the world.

Origins go back in Roman times, as the Romans in Modena used to cook the grape juice to make sort of molasses which they called Saba, used to sweeten food Saba’s usage was similar to honey’s. Back in their times the Romans had already discovered that under certain conditions Saba started a natural fermentation and acidification process. In the following centuries a technique to produce a very special vinegar was developed. This was the beginning of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.


Traditional Balsamic vinegar production is the most fascinating example of a never ending art process.

Years after years the production cycle follows the rhythm of the seasons: the harvest is followed by the pressing of the grape and the cooking of the must. The cooked must is firstly placed in barriques, then aged in a series of decreasing volume barrels, made from different wood – the so called “batteria”. Summer heat helps the concentration of sugar tenor, acidity and flavors’, spring and autumn mild temperatures enable microbiological activities: fermentation and acetification. Winter frost gives clearness to the product. Every winter the traditional operations of “travaso” and “rincalzo” are performed: the smallest cask of the series is refilled with part of the vinegar of the previous one and so on, till the biggest barrel of the batteria, where the new cooked must is poured. This continuous blending years over years, gives aging to the vinegar and shapes its unique flavor and texture.

Only after 12 years of “travaso” and “rincalzo” we can start taking out a small quantity of ready vinegar from the smallest cask of the series.

Ingredients: cooked grape must

Product Description

Perfume: intense, but delicate in the nose, persistent and clean

Taste: Good fluid density and strong body. The aromatic bouquet is slight fruity with nuances of cooked fruits like plums. The acidity is lively and fairly good balanced creating an harmonious sensation in the mouth, with prolonged, deep and intense notes. It leaves a long lasting clean flavor in your mouth.

Use: Wonderful on vegetables, meat or omelets, and wherever you need an intense perfume and a lively flavor, with long aromatic notes.


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