The olive tree has been cultivated in the area of Rimini since the 10th Century B. C. It is our responsibility to preserve this tradition and gift this extraordinary heritage to the future generations. A healthy and balanced diet is the starting point of a good existence. As the Latins used to say ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ (healthy mind in a healthy body) this is our motto!


Nestled in the hills of Rimini, in the Emilia Romagna region, you will find the orchard of Giovanni Tiberio. For more than 30 years, the orchard has been organised as a polyculture fruit production surrounded by natural and historical beauty. The farm covers an area of 24 hectares and is cultivated with olive trees, almond trees, vineyards and many varieties of fruit such as cherries, apricots, peaches and apples.

From the very beginning, the Tiberio orchard has been committed to producing only the best harvests by combining know-how and respect for our natural environment. It is in this spirit that Volio extra virgin olive oil was created. Thanks to the territory where Volio is produced (located between the Po Valley, the Appennines and the Adriatic Sea), this extra virgin olive oil is unique for its sensory qualities and the intensity of its flavours. Volio EVOO is a treat for the palate and an essential ingredient for a healthy and balanced diet….

WELCOME TO VOLIO! From the local market to international sales, we have had the pleasure of sharing our authentic, high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil with you all! From Seattle to London, from Rimini to Tokyo, we are happy to treat each of you with the same hospitality and care as our local market in Rimini, Italy!


We are proud of our approach to harvesting and processing Volio extra virgin olive oils.
Once a year we harvest our olives, which then arrive in a matter of hours at our local mill located less than 5 kilometres from our fields. Once at the mill, the olives enter the processing stream using modern technology that guarantees quality and sustainability throughout the production process.

The high-tech extractor works the olives in two phases, extracting the oil from the pulp and dehydrated pits without adding heat or water. This results in a finished product with no loss of flavour.
Our transformation process gives us an oil richer in polyphenols which are the key to the sensory and nutritional characteristics of our olive oil. These polyphenols also act as a natural preservative, keeping the product fresh over time.

In addition, this advanced technology produces quality by-products that can be reused for other purposes, whereas older extractors and other traditional technologies produce waste that can hardly be reused. In our case, the wet pulp is sent to a local biomass power plant, while the dewatered pits go to a sansificio in Tuscany where they are then processed to obtain fuel for domestic heating.
Volio’s aim is to show the true excellence of our family farm while remaining a sustainable and circular economic model.



Our farm uses an integrated pest management system based on different farming strategies. Being a mixed crop orchard, we pay a lot of attention to the extent and rotation of crops as this develops biodiversity which in turn gives us a stronger and more balanced environment.

We chose Integrated Pest Management because of its holistic approach to sustainable crop protection, which focuses on managing insects, weeds and diseases through a combination of cultural, physical, biological and chemical methods that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

This type of farming technique has three main advantages:
1. It creates a constantly changing environment for pests, making it difficult for them to become resistant to our defences.
2. It is very sustainable, intervention takes place after close monitoring of the ecosystem and only when deemed necessary.
3. Has long-lasting effectiveness, the measures put in place strengthen the ecosystem which will adapt over time and require less human intervention.

Some of the techniques we use are

The use of resistant varieties, the work starts when we select our crop.
Controlled irrigation and drainage of the soil to avoid waterlogging and root system diseases.
The use of antagonistic insects and fungi to defend the crop against pests.
Use of mechanical and biochemical controls such as insect nets and sexual confusion through the use of pheromones in the field.
On a daily basis, we really contribute to creating a virtuous cycle with positive effects on the environment as a whole, on human health and especially on the quality of our agricultural products. Our orchard is not only our workplace but also our home; we want a healthy planet for our children to grow up on, starting in our own backyard.


Volio a été invité à organiser une dégustation privée au stade des Seattle Mariners. Cette dégustation a eu lieu au Diamond Club lors de l’ouverture de la saison Mariners contre NY Yankees.

Volio a participé en tant que vendeur au marché hebdomadaire des agriculteurs sur le front de mer à Everett WA, USA

Les produits Volio ont été utilisés dans la cuisine et vendus chez Girardi’s, Edmonds WA USA

Volio figure dans les plats et les événements de l’Osteria La Spiga, Seattle WA US

Volio a été invité à exposer nos huiles d’olive et à fournir des échantillons dans le célèbre marché fermier de Seattle.

Volio à participé au festival de musique Slow Food Roots, Stanwood WA USA

Nos huiles d’olive ont été présentées lors d’événements et vendues dans le magasin spécialisé De Laurenti, Seattle WA USA

Volio a été sélectionné pour représenter l’huile d’olive de haute qualité cultivée et produite en Italie. L’événement a eu lieu à San Francisco et nous avons présenté nos produits aux côtés de Parmiggiano Reggiano, Aceto Balsamico di Modena et Prosciutto di Parma. L’événement a été organisé par le consulat italien à San Francisco.

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